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Surrey based photographer Ray Ball takes up to date corporate portraits for your business websites, print or PR use, also stylish portraits and portfolios for actors, models, dancers, musicians and other entertainers, and schools photography for prospectuses, school groups, school proms and other events plus private domestic portraits of individuals, families, children, babies, pregnancies, couples, brides etc.

THE PORTRAIT SESSION: Includes our direction and capture in the studio and/or on location. All the images taken at your photo shoot can be viewed on screen instantly for you to make your selection or advise changes or even re-shoot. Alternatively we can upload all images onto our online gallery, enabling you to view all the photographs elsewhere at your leisure.

GROUP PORTRAITS: This can be two people or as many as you like. They don’t all have to be in every shot and we can arrange people in whatever combinations you would like from individual shots to the complete group.

PROPS: These should be things that mean something to you. For example musical instruments, sports equipment or your child’s favourite teddy. If you can’t think of anything don’t worry it's not essential.

PRINTS: All prints are carefully retouched and finished. Usually shot in colour, there is no additional charge for black and white conversion. Images can be manipulated to your preferences e.g. older/younger, fatter/thinner, vignettes, montages etc. for which there will be a small charge based on time. The digital files are also available finished or otherwise.

PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS: Whether you like it or not you are stuck with your passport photograph for ten years. More expensive than the average booth photographs, but at a reasonable price, we can create passport/ID photographs that you can show off and wont want to hide away.

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